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Applicants for admission to the university Master's Degree must have an appropriate certificate in English (the least point for TOEFL - 72 and for IELTS 6,5) and pass an entrance test in their chosen specialty.

Entrance tests for Master's Degree specialties will be held from August 24 to 26 incl.

Tests in the specialty of magistracy are carried out on a personal computer using the pre-installed Examus proctoring system using artificial intelligence with the following functions:

- user authentication;

- fixing violations during testing;

- audience management;

- face recognition and direction of the subject's gaze;

- control the change of the active window on the desktop of the personal computer;

- to determine the presence or absence of a user;

- Demonstration of the applicant's screen.

The AI system identifies the applicant based on his passport and photo, then providing access to testing.

Entrance exams for Master's Degree specialties are held in the format of a live broadcast on YouTube.

Applicants who take the exam remotely are responsible for ensuring a stable Internet connection. In case of loss of communication during the entrance exam, as well as when the video signal is interrupted, the applicant will be automatically excluded from testing by the AI of the Examus proctoring system.

If the applicant is dissatisfied with the test result, he has the right to apply to the representative of the appeal commission with an appeal no later than 24 hours from the date of publication of the exam results published on the official website of the University.

You can also file an appeal online by clicking on the link: https://goo.su/77We

The term of consideration of the application may not exceed three days. The work of the appeal commission at the University will be organized in accordance with the established procedure.

Entrance exam questions


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