The applicant must submit necessary documents to the Admissions Board and confirm the correctness of the information about the documents input into the applicant's database.

Candidates' complaints are not accepted after the document applications has been stopped. Applicants are subject to be tested at specified time and date.

During the test, an applicant has the right:

  • to use the book with the test tasks as a draft;
  • to complete the test tasks well in advance, then submit the test materials to the group's observer, and leave the area where the test tasks are conducted.

On the test day, the applicant must be admitted to the territory where the test should be held before 07:30 (for second session, before 13:30) only with the applicant's pass and passport as the means of identification, as well as get through video fixation for the first session on the test day from 07:30 to 08:00 (for second session from 14:30 to 15:00) must follow the following instructions:

  • to check that the book with the test tasks and the corresponding answer sheet numbers are correct;
  • to check whether the test materials are complete and if any defects are detected, inform the group observer immediately;
  • to ensure that the answer sheet is filled in correctly;
  • to write the name, surname, patronymic, and signature on the book cover corresponding with the test tasks and answer sheet;
  • to rewrite the number of answer sheet in the corresponding place in the applicant's pass and on the title page and sign it;
  • to rewrite correctly the special code and code of the educational establishment indicated on the title page in the corresponding place on the answer sheet, and paint corresponding circles on the answer sheet.

In addition to the duties listed above, the following duties are the responsibility of the applicant:

  • fill in the answer sheet with a ballpoint pen in blue;
  • not to crumple answer sheet, not to write on the marker line, not to paint the circles under the number of the answer sheet;
  • to fill in the answer sheet correctly, as it is the main document confirming the level of the applicant's knowledge;
  • until the time is set, complete the test tasks available in the test book, paint the corresponding answer sheet circles according to the order number, hand in the book with the test tasks and the corresponding answer sheet to the group's observer.

Test assignments are prepared in accordance with the curricula of general education and secondary vocational education institutions in general education subjects.

Candidates take tests in one, two or three subjects depending on the selected educational direction.

Each subject in the test book consists of 30 test tasks.

Candidates have 1 hour for 30 test tasks, 2 hours for 60 test tasks, 3 hours for 90 test tasks (with filling the answer sheet).

Each test task has 4 alternative answers ("A", "B", "C", "D").

The applicant should mark only one answer for each test task by painting the circles on the answer sheet with the corresponding number of the test task considered to be correct (the color-coded answers of the answer sheet should not be changed). If the "colouring pattern" rules of the aswer sheet are not followed, i.e. if the corresponding answer circle for a single test task is not coloured or if two or more circles are coloured, or if a circle is not coloured in full, then the corresponding test task is not displayed.

Candidates are not allowed to leave the group when the application test is submitted. If a candidate leaves the test room he/she is not allowed to enter back. Exceptions are made when candidate leaves the room without test paper under the supervision of the group's observer.

In the following cases, the candidate is excluded from the test process and this is the basis for not stating the results:

  • if a microcalculator, dictionary, book, cell phone, computer, telecommunications and other devices or cheat sheets are used during the test;
  • if the candidate gives test material to another applicant or helps somebody;
  • if a candidate takes test paper out of the building, tears the sheet of the test paper;
  • if the candidate refuses handinf in test paper after the time of the application test is over;
  • if during the test violation of rules of the exam by a candidate are observed.

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