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We continue to conquer the peaks

Mountains are unique sculptures created by nature itself and attract thousands of extreme athletes with their celestial peaks, spacious meadows, and most importantly – extremely beautiful views, because it is here that a person can feel himself above all, and the whole world will be in his hands.

The rapid development of mountain and extreme tourism in Uzbekistan shows how much young people love extreme sports and thrills. A movement of mountain tourism enthusiasts has been organized among the students of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism, under the leadership of a 2nd-year student – Mirzayev Amirbek. More than once, his team called “Hikingly” took part in various tournaments in orienteering, climbing, mountain biking and etc. Now they will take part in the republican competitions within the framework of the “Youth Tourist Rally”, which will be held from April 22 to 25 in the Bakhmal district of the Jizzakh region.

So, on April 17-18 of this year, students from the club “Hikingly” arrived at the training base at the famous cave of Amir Temur, located in the Kashkadarya region, in the tract “Kalla-i-Shiron”. The training program included: theoretical training, climbing instruction, tracking and speleo-hiking training, tying knots. Special emphasis was given to team work training. Previously divided into two teams, the first half of the “Hikingly” team, under the close supervision of professional instructors, began climbing to the cave, located at an altitude of more than two thousand meters. The main task was to stretch the safety ropes for the remaining half of the train.

The successful, but quite time-consuming ascent to the cave generously rewarded the “Hikingly” team with a fascinating view from an altitude of 2100 meters.

“It was true that we had a great pleasure in experiencing the extremely difficult element of mountain and extreme tourism – climbing, but it was worth it. When you climb to the top, all the problems fly away from your head, because you understand that the slightest mistake can cost your life, the instinct of self-preservation makes itself felt” – the coordinator of the club “Hikingly” Amirbek Mirzayev shared his impressions.

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