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MidTerm as a form of assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities of students

From November 23rd, the first MidTerm exams for the 2020/2021 academic year have begun for students of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism. The exams continue until November 27th (incl.).

It is advisable to choose a certain form of testing the knowledge, skills and abilities of students for systematic control over the achievement of mandatory learning outcomes during the educational process. Mandatory learning outcomes are the minimum required for further education, meeting the program requirements for the level of training of students.

Therefore, when checking and giving marks for a teacher, it is fundamentally important to get a definite answer: whether or not the student has mastered the knowledge and skills that are being formed at the mandatory level. The goal of each teacher is to ensure that each student has mastered the most important knowledge and skills for further successful study. If a student does not receive a MidTerm grade, it is necessary to organize the revision of the material and its re-examination.

MidTerm. General Provisions

  1. MidTerm generates points accumulated by students based on assessment criteria in each subject;
  2. MidTerm provides optimal accumulation of grades for each student;
  3. The accumulation of assessments of students' progress is achieved using a variety of following methods of assessing knowledge:
    verbal answers;
    written work;
    practical work.
  4. In the course of Midterm control, students’ performance of extracurricular independent work is assessed: work with primary sources, abstract, research work, assignments in subject circles.

Grading procedure and extension of the period for liquidation of arrears

  1. Midterm exams are carried out twice during the academic year (during one working week - 5 days);
  2. Grading for the discipline is carried out if at least six academic hours have been completed at the time of MidTerm;
  3. MidTerm results are documented and submitted to the Monitoring & Training department;
  4. Acceptance of arrears based on MidTerm results, i.e. re-examination of the knowledge of students who have received unsatisfactory marks is carried out within five days (working week) based on the request of student’s application;
  5. Advisors must provide daily control over the liquidation of students’ debt on MidTerm and submit information to the Monitoring & Training department;
  6. In case of late delivery of MidTerm and the presence of debts, students are given the opportunity to re-certification.


  1. Re-examination is carried out for students who have not promptly liquidated their debts based on MidTerm results;
  2. Disciplines, their number, submitted for re-examination is determined by the Monitoring & Training department;
  3. If the students do not pass re-certification by the educational unit, the issue of their expulsion is considered.

Best of luck to all students in their MidTerm exams!

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