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Being a volunteer is an honor

Khimam-Hasanov Holmurad Khimam-Hasanov Holmurad © Zafar Vakhobov

A student of the International University of Tourism "Silk Road" of the "Event Management" group Khimam-Hasanov Holmurad valorously and voluntarily serves in the volunteer team "One Family" (Tashkent).

Volunteer movement "One Family" was created with the support of Tashkent city administration in order to provide necessary products in such a difficult time for population. Volunteer movement carries out free delivery of products and medicines. Also the movement carries out various welfare actions for families with low income. Nowadays there are more than 100 volunteers in the team of One Family Volunteer Movement, among them our student Himam-Hasanov Holmurad. Everyone has different jobs, but the goal is the same: to support friendly relationship.The motto of the movement is the same.

The motto of the movement speaks itself: "We are engaged in a delivery for your sake, you have to stay home for us. For God's sake!"

From 24 April to 23 May in the Islamic world continues the Holy Month of Ramadan and volunteers of the movement "One Family" every night before the morning meal completely free of charge delivers food to people holding the fast. The list of families supported by the volunteers grows every day. Briefly about the numbers: if on the first day of Ramadan the list of volunteers consisted of only 30 families, today (April 28) this number is 100 and continues to grow.

We wish the movement success in this good cause, expansion of volunteers and never stop doing good!

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