Foreign applicants.

Rules for admission of foreign citizens to the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism 

This guide to the admission of foreign residents was developed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the statute of the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism, as well as other regulatory documents.

Rules for the admission of foreign residents and the organization of training:

Foreign citizens wishing to study at the university should write an appropriate application for the chosen direction, in the appropriate language (Uzbek, Russian, English), and provide all necessary documents to the admission committee;

Education of individuals entering a university must be at least at the level of secondary and general education and must be approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education;

During the submission of documents to the admissions committee, foreign residents must provide some documents:

  • an application addressed to the rector;
  • a copy of the passport and a certified translation of the passport;
  • a copy of the last visa and registration document;
  • the original document of education and its approved translation into Russian;
  • certificate of language proficiency (IELTS,TOEFL)
  • photos 3x4, 8 pcs;

The date and place of the exam will be determined by the University Admissions Committee;

Citizens who provided invalid documents will be prosecuted and deprived of the right to take the exam;

Citizens who successfully passed entrance examinations will be enrolled in the list of university students by order of the rector.

Study Entry Visa

      The A-1 study visa is issued only to students of the Silk Road International University of Tourism or to the applicants enrolled in the University.

     You can get information about the visa of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the following link

      To apply for a study visa in Uzbekistan, a student must submit the following documents to the International students and teachers’ department:

  • Electronic copy of the passport (pdf, jpeg)
  • Completed visa application form (pdf)

      The visa application form is available on the website After collecting the required documents, the university will apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a visa application. The results of visa processing will be announced in 5-30 days. The student can check the result of issuing a visa on the page A foreign citizen will be able to obtain a visa at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the region specified in the visa application form.

      If a foreign citizen does not have an embassy of Uzbekistan in the country of residence, he can get it at the consular department of international airports in Uzbekistan.

       You can find out about consular districts of diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad by following this link

        The procedure for temporary stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Republic of Uzbekistan live in accommodation facilities (hotels, tourist camps and complexes, houses and recreation areas, boarding houses, campings, motels, family guest houses, yurt and tent camps, sanatoriums and other objects in which hotel services, - services for temporary accommodation, as well as ground transport, converted into accommodation for the night), other living space, as well as medical institutions of their choice, with the notification of the receiving organizations (ministries, departments, enterprises and organizations, regardless of the form of ownership and type of activity, permanent missions of foreign states, representative offices of international intergovernmental organizations and governmental organizations of foreign states, representative offices and branches of international and foreign non-governmental (non-governmental) non-profit organizations), as well as people who invited them to the Republic of Uzbekistan on private matters.

      In accordance with the procedure for staying in the Republic of Uzbekistan, upon arrival at a temporary stay point, foreign citizens (including citizens of countries for which a visa-free regime and a simplified procedure for obtaining visas have been established) are required to temporarily register with the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan or medical institutions within three days. For more details:

      The registration process will begin after the acceptance to the university.

      For enrolled students, please contact the International Students and Teachers Department. If among the students enrolled in the university there are those who need a place of residence, please follow the link for registration accommodation request form

Health insurance

     Insurance for students is one of the most important stages of obtaining a student visa and successful enrollment in a foreign university.

     An applicant may be surprised that in our university insurance is an optional document for admission. It seems that this is a formal piece of paper that requires only additional costs. However, this is the case and there are several reasons why it is worth taking out insurance even if the university does not require it:

  • A student without insurance, in an emergency, will not receive the necessary assistance in another country;
  • If you have insurance, medical care will be several times cheaper or completely free;
  • Having insurance for a student significantly increases the chances of issuing a visa, and in some countries this is an absolute requirement for issuing an entry document.

      Health insurance provides the student with the necessary medical care in another country. The list of medical services covered by insurance usually includes:

  • Examination by a doctor;
  • Necessary diagnostic examination;
  • Medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • Hospitalization and inpatient treatment.
  • Insurance may include other services depending on the student's health, but the cost will be higher.
  • Many standard insurance plans do not cover dentist, ophthalmology, and physical therapist services.


“Eden of the Ancient East”, “Pearl of the Muslim World”, “Face of the Earth”, “Mirror of the World”, “Garden of the Soul”, “Rome of the East” - this is how ancient and modern authors call Samarkand. But no matter what epithets are used, it is impossible to express all the beauty and wealth of this amazing city. You have to see it with your own eyes to enjoy all its splendor and versatility. Majestic blue domes, ancient madrasahs and mausoleums with stunning mosaic patterns, lively bazaars - everything here will make you feel like a hero of oriental fairy tales.

Samarkand is the third largest and second most populous city in Uzbekistan. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, it has managed to preserve the spirit of history. Founded in the 8th century BC Samarkand is the same age as such ancient cities as Rome, Babylon, Alexandria and Byzantium.

During its existence, Samarkand has seen many eras and conquerors. Since antiquity it has been the capital of the most ancient civilization of Sogdiana. The city flourished. Even Alexander the Great himself, who captured the city, was fascinated by its beauty and perfection.

“Everything I've heard about Samarkand - everything is true, absolutely everything! Except for one thing: he turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined! " Alexander the Great.

Later, Samarkand, conquered by the Arabs, becomes a key point on the Great Silk Road due to its geographical position and comfortable climatic conditions. But these same advantages also attracted many conquerors. As a result, the city was completely destroyed by the invasions of Genghis Khan. But even after that, the city was able to regain its former glory, even become even more beautiful. The great Amir Timur (Tamerlane) comes to power, proclaiming Samarkand the capital of his huge empire. Timur dreamed of creating the capital of the whole world here, so craftsmen and professionals of various crafts, as well as poets, musicians and scientists - the best in their field, were brought into the city.

The prosperity of Samarkand begins - magnificent mosques, madrasahs, palaces, tombs, squares, magnificent gardens and parks appear. Under the grandson of Amir Timur Ulugbek, who was an outstanding mathematician, astronomer, poet of his time, the most modern observatory in the world at that time appeared. The capital turns into a scientific and cultural center of the East. In addition to Ulugbek, such legendary people as Jami, Rudaki, Avicenna, Babur, Omar Khayyam, Mukimi, Sadriddin Aini, etc. took place here.

Looking back, in the centuries-old history of Samarkand, one can see that the city has gone through times of ups and downs, was subjected to destructive raids by foreign invaders, revived again, becoming more and more beautiful.

And the echoes of all this are the preserved architectural monuments (the Registan square and ensemble, the mausoleum of Amir Timur, the Bibi-khanum mosque, the Shahi-Zinda necropolis, the Ulugbek observatory), which are an integral part of the world cultural heritage, which are true masterpieces of world civilization. Also applied arts and folk crafts can be added to their number. Samarkand suzans, jewelry, ceramics, the famous Samarkand flat cakes, the famous Samarkand paper, which had no analogues in the whole world, are widely known in many countries of the world.

Due to such an abundance of material and spiritual values ​​preserved here, the city of Samarkand is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

People from all over the world come to this city to enjoy the splendor of the architectural monument, to touch the cultural heritage. In two years, once on Registan Square, an international music festival "Melody of the East" is held, where representatives of different countries and nationalities share their culture and customs through their music, becoming closer to each other. This proves once again that Samarkand is still the center of intersection of various cultures.

Many famous films were shot on the territory of Samarakand, such as "Apaches" (Germany), "Gentlemen of Fortune" (USSR), "Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam" (Iran), "The Adventures of Ali Baba and 40 Robbers" (USSR-India ), "Night Watch-2: Chalk of Fate" (Russia), "Vysotsky, Thank you for being alive" (Russia).

Samarkand is one of the recommended places to visit for any traveler around the world. Foreign and local tourists who have visited the city publish photos and videos about their unforgettable travels on the Internet.





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How to get to the city


There are several ways to get to the city of Samarkand.

  • By plane

Place of arrival: International airport "Samarkand"

Address: Samarkand, st. Ibn Sino, 1

Tel: 8-66-230-86-99, 8-66-230-86-41

Information on flights and ticket prices can be found by following the link

10 direct flights

Where: Samarkand (SKD)

  • Moscow, Russia - 4 h 5 min - Aeroflot, Uzbekistan Airways, S7
  • Istanbul, Turkey - 4 h 10 min - Uzbekistan Airways, Turkish Airlines
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan - 1 h 45 min, Uzbekistan Airways, Air Astana
  • Petersburg, Russia - 4 h 30 min - Aeroflot, Uzbekistan Airways
  • Fergana - 1 h 5 min - Uzbekistan Airways
  • Namangan - 1 h 5 min - Uzbekistan Airways
  • Urgench - 1 h 10 min - Uzbekistan Airways
  • Irkutsk, Russia - 5 h 5 min - S7
  • Novosibirsk, Russia - 3 h 20 min - S7
  • Tashkent - 55 min - Uzbekistan Airways

       In other cases, you can get to Samarkand by transfers through the international airports of Tashkent and other regions.

  • By train

Place of arrival: Railway station "Samarkand"

Address: Samarkand, st. Beruni, 3

Tel: 8-66-229-15-32

Departure point: Railway station "Tashkent" (North)

Address: Tashkent, Mirabad district, st. Turkistan, 7

Tel .: 8-78-120-60-60

 Information about trains and ticket prices can be found by following the link

  • By bus

Place of arrival::

- Bus station

Object orient: International airport "Samarkand"

 - Bus station "Ulugbek".

Address: Samarkand, 100 meters from the Ulugbek observatory

Place of departure: Bus station (bus station) "Tashkent"

Address: Tashkent, Chilanzar district, ave. Bunyodkor, 7. Landmark: metro station "Almazar"

Tel .: 8-71-207-87-00, 8-71-207-87-02

  • By car (taxi)

Place of arrival: Ulugbek bus station.

Address: Samarkand, 100 meters from the Ulugbek observatory.

Place of departure: Bus station (bus station) "Tashkent"

Address: Tashkent, Chilanzar district, ave. Bunyodkor, 7. Landmark: metro station "Almazar"


Samarkand city, Republic of Uzbekistan, 140104, 17, University boulevard.

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